Put Hope In Every Click

I could not wait to get home to research and reserve the name, the domain, and all things small business that go along with beginnings. I chose to use the name spelled Pixie Posie because “pixie” is another term for pixel and I was shooting digital photography. The second word, “posie” is not about the flower “posey” but more about a candid feel and lifestyle vibe in the imagery, a version of posed but not portraiture

Pixie Posie, LLC was established as a home-based business in 2008. It was the perfect blend of photography, art, and time required to parent that my family needed while my kids were growing and my husband was building his career as an attorney. I scheduled shoots and editing when my husband was home to keep childcare costs down. I was shooting maternity, newborn, family, and fashion, as well as designing logos and marketing plans for other small businesses. I was also creating photography experiences for children and families. These themed events would have local sponsors and include kid activities plus digital photography.

After a few years with business booming and no more time to dedicate to it that I was willing to take away from my family, I stepped back from business growth and began to specialize. I focused on my passions: brand lifestyle, fashion, and experience photography on the weekends and marketing and branding during the week when my kids were at school.

I was editing into the early hours of the morning and getting burned out. Plus, I knew as my kids started to commit to sports and their own interests I would not want to miss being a part of it. Something had to give.

Once again, I stepped back from Pixie Posie’s growth and focused on my skill sets being used during the week in a more traditional working environment. I started consulting and contracting for small to medium-sized businesses in marketing and creative services. I worked in graphic design and production, social media, product photography, copywriting, website design, and branding. I was using all of my entrepreneurial skill sets while learning about how other businesses are run and scale.

My kids are teens now and need me differently than a decade ago; Pixie Posie remains patiently waiting for the opportunity to expand. Today, I still have a high-level marketing role for another startup, and in 2022, I will be balancing that role with the return of Pixie Posie in the public eye. I am excited that the world needs creatives and values art and experiences. I am thankful my entrepreneurial spirit includes a neverending drive to keep Pixie Posie alive. I am grateful for you giving me the opportunity to bring creativity to your lives and businesses

About Jennifer

Jennifer Mannion is a St. Louis-based visual artist.

Her commercial strengths include brand lifestyle, teen fashion editorial, and experience photography.

Her artistic strengths include children’s literature illustrations, commissioned acrylics on canvas, and graphic design.

She is a professionally trained vocalist and performer.

She is a creative services and marketing consultant for start-ups and small businesses with 20+ years of experience working on national marketing campaigns and global events.

She speaks to schools, groups, and businesses about how to build successful creative careers and empowers creatives to think past the stereotype of the “starving artist.”


  • American Marketing Association
  • Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
  • Advisory Board Member, Missouri State University Design Thinking Certification

My Skills


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My Story

When I was 9 maybe 10, my dad bought a camera for my mom for Christmas. She wanted to be able to take photos of her flower garden and nature scenes as a reference to paint from. This camera was not a simple point and shoot, but one with several lenses and a tripod, even an external flash. It was beautiful. That camera called to me; it seemed to sing to me like a siren of the sea. I loved it but I knew I shouldn’t go near it. And so it sat in the camera bag unused.

At first, I did nothing out of fear of getting in trouble for touching something that was not mine. Until I talked myself into reading the manual. That was harmless, right? Once the manual was read cover to cover, I started assembling the lenses to the body. One by one I would attach and detach the lenses and the body. No one seemed to notice.

One day I was going through the bag and noticed a box of film in the small front pocket of the camera bag and thought, why not? Figuring out how to load the film in the camera could be helpful in emergency photo-taking situations, I thought.

On a random spring day, I was walking around the yard admiring the flowers and all of the bugs coming out to visit the garden my mom designed. I immediately thought she would love to paint this scene, and that’s when it hit me.

This needs to be photographed.

I already loaded film in the camera, why not test it out. In stealth mode, I snuck the camera outside on a puffy cloud, blue skies kind of day and took photos of flowers and leaves and bugs. I was guessing about the depth of field and exposure but I did not care because I had this camera in my hands. When the roll was full and no exposures were left, I went back inside.

We had this basket in our kitchen where outgoing mail and stamps and film to be developed would go. Where these things went after, I had no concern. I placed the film cartridge in the basket and forgot about it.

One evening, my dad was sitting at the kitchen table talking with my mom while she finished up dinner. He was shuffling through letters and bills, then opened a photo envelope and started flipping through 4×6 photos. I was gathering things to set the table when I notice what photos he was looking at and froze

My dad mentions to my mom the photos she took of the flowers in the garden were really good and he was pleased she was using the camera he bought her. She looked at him like he was crazy and almost flippantly mentioned she had not even taken it out of the bag. Uh oh.

I start to exit the kitchen in a tiptoe fashion when he turns and declares I stop. I freeze and slowly turn around, wide-eyed and waiting for punishment. Instead, he looks at me cleverly, smiles, and says, “We need to get you more film,” winks and goes back to the photos.

This was the moment photography became a part of who I am.